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Grant Boxing Gloves – Where to Buy Genuine Leather Gloves

Grant Worldwide is truly a premium company that has been producing grant boxing gloves for pros for decades. These Gloves are effortlessly the best available in the industry. They offer all a pro fighter could need. Genuine leather, wrist fastening, synthetic lining, decent padding, and so many more.

However, the only setback is its hefty price tag! Nevertheless, Grant Boxing gloves are truly the showstopper as well as are certainly worth the high price. 

Grants are perfect gloves, and just like Winning, they’re used by professional fighters who require hand protection. However, they still are not too protective to be considered pillow-type pro-fight gloves. Grants are incredibly well constructed.

They conform well to the hand, deliver good support, as well as they simply feel amazing to have around the hands. Moreover, they look quite good; the craftsmanship and quality are top-notch. Boxers who wear these gloves are Vitali Klitschko and WladimirAndre BertoJulio Cesar Chavez JrTim Bradley, and Bernard Hopkins

So, let’s now know all about Grant Boxing gloves and know how you can buy the best gloves for your fight night.

What Are Grant Boxing Gloves?

Luxury Gloves for boxing, produced by the Grant Worldwide brand have been recognized and known as “Grant Boxing Gloves”. Such boxing gloves are truly meant for experts with similar technologies that top-end companies use. These boxing gloves are manufactured using thin padding. Thus, a boxer will have a robust punch.

These boxing gloves even come with a long-sleeve structure to offer better protection to your wrist, and they’re not strapped down thus, you can use the laces as a tether. The boxing gloves have been created with pro boxing needs in mind. 

Boxing Gloves from Grant Worldwide was launched in 1995 in NY by a co-founder of Elvis Grant. They’re the first boxing gloves manufactured in Mexico as well as made famous by Money Mayweather. To be true, Grant boxing gloves are one of the most aged boxing glove manufactories in Mexico. 

Are Grant’s Boxing Gloves Good?

Well, Grant’s boxing gloves are perhaps the best gloves one can avail of. Sportspersons like Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran, Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins, Joe Calzaghe, Gennadiy Golovkin, etc. have been wearing Grant Boxing Gloves for a considerable time. These gloves are superb because of the following reasons: 

  • They’re handmade boxing gloves for professionals that are manufactured utilizing the best quality materials.
  • These are skillfully made for boxing techniques and hand-eye coordination
  • They’re a sign of excellence and craftsmanship.
  • They deliver guaranteed security of your hands from bruises, cuts, and also others that may occur during boxing.

There are numerous benefits of Grant boxing gloves. These benefits are as follows:

  • These gloves are manufactured to fit your hand well.
  • Has good wrist grip and support. 
  • Great to match your style
  • Small enough to work around your hand but deliver a good grip as well as protect you from forces that are severe enough to hurt you. 
  • They’re manufactured with fine craftsmanship. 

Are Grant’s Boxing Gloves Worth The Money?

As soon as you know what’s given to you the moment you purchase a pair of Boxing Gloves from Grant Worldwide, you’ll know the manufacturer’s logic for charging that high price. So, let’s have a look at the reasons that make gloves different from their competitors.

Durability: These gloves are recognized for their powerful leather coating. This coating guarantees they’ll last longer. You can even expect top quality from these gloves as their products come with a history of long-term usage.

Protection: In boxing, wrist and hand injuries are more likely to occur often in case your gloves are not adequately padded. Grant boxing gloves are made using extra pads but not too much to make the gloves feel like a pillow. These gloves have the ideal combination of comfort and padding without them feeling overly spongy.

Build quality: Genuine cowhide leather is used to manufacture these boxing gloves. The insides are lined utilizing synthetic material. After you take a closer look at these gloves’ stitching, you will see that they’re designed using a lot of consideration. This makes the gloves look stunning as well as provides a lot of customization options.

However, it is difficult to go wrong with tailored and well-made gloves that are even stylish!

Guide To Buy Grant Boxing Gloves

Unlike amateur boxing, professional boxing is focused on maximum entertainment – knockdown or knockout. The equipment also contributes to this – helmets are not used in pro boxing, and gloves are sewn using special technologies.

Gloves for the pros are fixed on the hand with lacing. This ensures a secure fit. They also have a full turn of the fist – there is no need to make an effort to squeeze it tightly. The thumb goes down to the correct anatomical position to give maximum rigidity to the blow.

Boxing is one of the most effective ways to train, communicate, improve, and maintain your well-being. However, a person’s health can only be maintained if he has only the right boxing equipment. The most essential piece of boxing equipment is a pair of boxing gloves and a fighter can get a lot of finger joint injuries if they don’t use the right boxing gloves when they enter the ring to spar or if they just need to trade punches with a punching bag.

To buy a decent pair of boxing gloves, you need to do a little research before you go shopping. Here are a few points to keep in mind;

Get Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

First of all, are you familiar with the fact that boxing gloves are available in a wide variety of materials? Among all these different materials, leather boxing gloves are the most fashionable, admired by many professional boxers, and considered the best for training and fighting. They might be a bit pricey right now, but they can keep their integrity for a longer period.

Whether you are a professional boxer or just a beginner amateur, it is better to purchase gloves with laces; although, if you need to use them while working out at the gym, you may want Velcro straps that are better suited for this purpose.

Size Of The Glove

On the other hand, when buying boxing gloves, you need to carefully consider the size of the gloves in which you are going to put the fate of your hands. You can find them in large, medium, and small sizes. The average man usually chooses a medium size, but it is better to consider whether the gloves will stretch during use or not, so it’s good to buy them accordingly.

Weight of The Boxing Glove

What’s more, the weight of the boxing gloves should also be considered before purchasing, as you may need to weigh the rules under which you can fight. You should always discuss in detail with your trainer to get his advice on the right pair. Your boxing instructor will be the most helpful person to advise you on the correct weight and material for your gloves.

The weight usually ranges from 10 to 20 ounces. However, for children such as teenagers, it ranges from 4 to 8 ounces. The thicker your gloves, the better your protection will be. Amateur fighters should take between 12 and 16 ounces, of course, for added protection, while 10-ounce gloves are usually more suitable for professional fighters.

Another important thing to remember while training or fighting is that your hands should be covered with another layer under your sports gloves. Hand wraps are important because they provide extra protection for the wrists, knuckles, and smaller bones in the hands. Therefore, buying hand wraps before buying boxing gloves is extremely important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to buy grant boxing gloves

You can purchase Grant Boxing Gloves from The official Boxing Gloves sites. Or you can buy it from a licensed selling partner. You can also buy headgear from there if you want. In boxing, you need both boxing gloves and headgear.

How much are grant boxing gloves

Grant Boxing Gloves are high-quality boxing gloves. These gloves generally cost between $200 to $500. Grant Boxing Gloves are worn by semi-professional and professional MMA fighters and boxers.

Although the price of Grant Gloves is a little high than its competitors and that is for a reason. Grant gloves are made using genuine leather, come with nice stitching and lining, and offer enough padding to support your hand while not too much to make it like a pillow.

How to know if Grant’s boxing gloves are real?

Original grant boxing pro fight Gloves are manufactured using Cowhide Leather. While the fake ones are manufactured with Buffalo Hide. In case you’re into boxing, you can know the distinction between both. If you buy after seeing Facebook ads, be aware of the features and material.


Besides a heavy price label, Grant gloves do present a very fair deal. The benefits significantly overpower the hefty pricing tag because:

  1. Ventilated boxing gloves are not only comfortable but also enable air circulation.
  2. Keeps the hands protected and comfortable with satisfactory padding and cushioning.
  3. The boxing gloves deliver good security against strikes since they’re sized accordingly.
  4. Perfect fit for a fine boxing experience, no matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, Grant has it all.

As soon as it comes to Grant Gloves, the hefty price tag might appear a little high, but that’s because they’re one of the best-made gloves in terms of quality. These gloves’ padding is thicker while still utilizing lesser padding to not affect the striking effect.

Besides, they’re incredibly protective and comfortable. So, even in the case you have a particular budget, try your best to increase the budget to get only the best one. It’s well worth your wait and money!

It’s easy to finalize that Grant Boxing Gloves are perhaps the best in the industry right now. They come with everything that an experienced fighter may need. Synthetic lining, genuine leather, adequate padding, wrist fastener, etc. In case you’re able enough to buy one, Grant Boxing gloves truly are the show stopper!